Travel Infrared Alarm

Travel Infrared Alarm
Travel Infrared Alarm
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Multifunctional and ideal for travellers; shift workers; students; pensioners or anyone needing to attract attention. 

Help minimise risk and protect yourself against intruders or persons approaching with intent to harm.

If someone crosses the beam, the 130dB alarm will sound, the light will flash and you will be warned of the presence of intruders.

  •     Infra Red Motion Sensor ~ Allows you to detect motion for up to 20 feet. (7 metres)
  •     Personal Attack Alarm ~ Activate by simply pulling the cord for an instant 130 dB siren and flashing light
  •     Torch ~ Useful finding keys, keyholes or unfamiliar bearing when travelling.
  •     Clock/Alarm Clock ~ The digital clock display also doubles as an audible alarm clock to help ensure you don't miss any appointments
  •     Stopwatch/Timer ~ Count time (up to 60minutes)
  •     Contact protector ~ provides protection to a laptop computer, briefcase, door or window - when contact is broken, the siren sounds and light   
            flashes - alerting you and shocking the intruder.

Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

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