Shaker Torch 24.5cm (Novelty item)

Shaker Torch 24.5cm (Novelty item)
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Attention parents - these are great for children who are afraid of the dark... and challenging for them to get the light to function

Fun novelty item.  Smart TORCHâ„¢ is a low glow shaker.

Not requiring a battery makes it environmentally friendly!  A novelty item that requires a few minutes of shaking to provide a low light.

Children love Smart Torchâ„¢ as it occupies them while they play with it before falling asleep.

The smart torch uses no batteries and requires only the single LED.  Dim light for children who are afraid of the dark or for you to carry when walking for safety but not to see, but to be seen 

Many people purchase this item to extract the powerful magets inside.

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