Shaker Torch 13cm

Shaker Torch 13cm
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Attention parents - these are great for children who are afraid of the dark... 

Fun novelty item and/or extremely helpful in an emergency!

Smart TORCH™ is a low glow shaker emergency aid.

Very cost effective as the Smart Torch™ with its rechargeable capacitor, and an LED beam makes the need for buying batteries and bulbs obsolete!

Not requiring a battery makes it environmentally friendly as well as very friendly in your pocket!  A few minutes of shaking will provide enough continuous light ~ to find the candles; phone for help or flick the switch in the meter box.

Children love Smart Torch™ as it occupies them while they play with it before falling asleep.

It is great for 'emergency' lighting.  Keep one in the car, truck, meterbox, glovebox, tool kit, first aid kit, fishing kit (floats in water), camping gear etc.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) TECHNOLOGY:
Save energy - LED lights use less energy
Save money - LED light lasts up to 100,000 hours, they should never need to be replaced

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