VCR Locks

VCR Locks
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Toddlers have a natural attraction to VCR's and the lock will ensure only your videos are placed in the VCR's operating area to prevent expensive repairs.

To Use to INSERT the lock: Place one finger on the left tab (which does not move).  Press in on the middle button and than squeeze the right tab in toward this button.  Very gently push the VCR lock into the VCR tape opening and release both the tab and the button.

To REMOVE the lock:  Repeat above procedure using fingers to squeeze the tab.  Gently angle the VCR lock out of the right side of the tape opening.

Suitable for front loading machines only.  The VCR lock must not be used whilst a VCR is in operation or if a video tape is already in the VCR.

*CAUTION: Discontinue using if damaged or when the child can remove it.  This product is a deterrent and NOT a substitute for correct adult supervision.

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