Porta-Book: Ergonomic Book Rest

Porta-Book: Ergonomic Book Rest
Porta-Book: Ergonomic Book Rest Porta-Book: Ergonomic Book Rest Porta-Book: Ergonomic Book Rest
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What is the Porta-Book Book Rest?

The Porta-Book Book Rest is a lightweight and portable stand designed for holding books. It's ideal for mums with bubs, as it allows you to still have two hands for your baby (which is great when they're asleep in your arms!). It's also fantastic for cooks who need to hold a recipe book, avid book and magazine readers, or anyone looking to improve their posture. Its multifunctional ergonomic design provides the perfect reading height and angle for you and your children. Global Innovations is the exclusive distributor of Porta-Book book rests in Australia.

The product offers the following benefits:

  • Improved posture
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced eye stress
  • Reduced neck and back pain/strain
  • Hands-free reading
  • Increased usability for mobility impaired or arthritis suffers
  • Use it anywhere you want to sit.

How does it work?

The Porta-Book Book Rest's revolutionary design creates a perfect reading platform for your book. The book is held in place by heavy duty elastics and the product is extremely strong and versatile. There are five incline levels, making it suitable for everyone. Lightweight, space saving, portable, ergonomic, hands-free -- what more could you need?

The Porta-Book Book Rest can also fold completely flat, allowing you to drop it straight into your bag or backpack. And with internal storage for documents and stationery, it’s perfect for anyone from children, to uni students, workers and for anyone at home.

What can it be used for?

Use Porta-Book Book Rest as a:

  • magazine rest
  • adjustable book holder
  • sheet music stand
  • cook book stand/holder
  • recipe book holder
  • folder/clipboard
  • stationery holder
  • DVD player stand
  • laptop or tablet stand
  • desktop organiser.

Is it easy to use?

The Porta-Book Book Rest is very easy to use and ready in a matter of seconds. Simply choose one of the five adjustable setting positions, place your book or item onto the Porta-Book, and fasten it into place. You can place it on your desk or lap.

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